Have you have been a fan of all those wildlife shows that are broadcasted on TV and have been planning to pay a visit to one of the African countries known for their wildlife reserves that are filled with adventure and limitless fun? Well, then the country you need to visit in the beautiful continent of Africa is, Kenya. Although, there are lots of places to visit in Africa such as the Kruger National Park in South Africa or the Okavango Delta in Botswana, Kenya holds a position at the top. Why? Well, there are lots of reasons for that.

Kenya is home of the famous Masaai Mara and Serengeti reserves. Nowhere in the vast continent of Africa will you witness such diverse landscapes plus you can experience the best of wildlife in Kenya only. There is a certain ease of access in Kenya and this fact alone makes it a top favorite for those who wish to enjoy the African wildlife. Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya is connected to almost all major destinations in the world. Reaching Nairobi is easy and one can travel to almost all the major reserves from here. The country’s tourist infrastructure is so good that one is spoilt for choice with a large number of camps and lodges suiting all kinds of budgets to choose from. Here is a quick guide to Kenya.

How to travel?

Traveling by road is the most preferred option by most tourists. Not only is it budget-friendly but it is also a really great way to see the most of Africa. Most of the destinations are at around a five hour distance from each other and the eight-seat VW Kombi is the most preferred vehicle here. However, for those who wish to travel in a little more comfort can fly into the bush in light aircraft with direct flights operating to almost everywhere. Apart from these two, one can choose to travel by foot or get a tailor made tour to suit their budget and comfort.

Where to go and what to see?

The Serengeti and Masaai Mara make for the ultimate wildlife safari experience. However, there is more to Kenya than these two legendary places. Kenya is known for its diverse landscapes. From its vast plains to snowcapped mountain ranges and from lakes to beaches, one can get best experiences that nature has to offer in Kenya. Those visiting Africa for the first time have to see the Masaai Mara reserve. It is an amazing place to see the big cats and almost all of the animals present in the continent from hyenas to wild dogs and from elephants to giraffes. Book an air balloon ride well in advance to witness the grandness of Kenya. Apart from Masaai Mara, one can visit Samburu for seeing large groups of elephants, the Lake Nakuru National Park for its flamingos and rhinos and Tsavo for its glorious Indian Ocean coast. Travellers can also add to their itinerary Amboseli, the Chyulu Hills and Laikipia.

Best time to go?

Dry season from the month of June till October is the best time for traveling to Kenya. Traveling from July to October is surely going to be rewarding for you as you can witness the great migration during this period. Millions of Wildebeest and Zebras head for Kenya’s Masaai Mara reserve by crossing the Mara River in search of fresh grazing grounds and to give birth. It is an amazing spectacle that can only be witnessed during this period. Traveling is best avoided in the month of April and May as this is the peak of the rainy season in this part of the continent. The rain forces the camps to close down and the roads to be impassable.

Where to stay?

There are lots of options for you to stay at. The best ones are the camps and lodges that suit every budget. From pocket friendly camps to luxury ones, there is an accommodation to suit everyone. You can choose to stay at luxury resorts as well if you wish to but the best way to witness the beauty of Kenya is by staying at a camp that puts you in the lap of nature.

What to eat?

Although you can get all kinds of cuisines in Kenya, the best food available in Kenya is of course, its own. From foods such as Irio, Pilau, Matoke, Bajia, Mandozi, Sukuma Wiki, Ugali and Chapati, you need to try all the famous dishes from Kenyan cuisine as it will add to your overall experience. Make sure you dine out in the wild at least once while in Kenya probably during sunset as it has an amazing feel to it.

Last but not least…

Kenya is a great country with even better atmosphere and amazing people. Hire an English speaking guide while traveling Kenya as it is a great way to make things easier. Make sure that you always listen to your guide, zip up your tent and never take food in it, don’t mess with the baboons, don’t sit on the roof of your vehicle as its plain stupid, don’t run if on foot, don’t venture out in the dark and stay inside after dinner, do carry something to protect you from mosquitos such as ByeBugz etc.

These are the golden rules and if you follow them, you will do just fine. Kenya has been a top tourist destination for several decades and it sure will impress you with all that it has to offer. Make sure you enjoy every moment you spend here as it is going to be a once in a lifetime experience.