Efficient anti-insect products for men, women and children

ByeBugz® designs efficient anti-Insect products for men, women and children.

Do you – like us – love to travel, hike, camp, cycle, play golf…? With ByeBugz we want to make this even more fun by keeping annoying insects away. Even those which cary tropical diseases.

Byebugz wants to be accessible for everyone, that is why we divide our products in 2 categories: “Protected By Nature” and “Protected By Technology”.

Depending on your age, type of travel, location, …. you can find your perfect product!
Byebugz is being distributed by a network of pharmacies and distributors.


Bye Bye Bugzzz..!


Products Categories


DEET and Citriodiol are the most effective anti-insect ingredients.

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Natural alternatives

We offer natural alternatives to chemical biocides.

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Not expensive

We want our products to be available to everyone.


For the entire family

We offer products for children, adults, pregnant women,…