ByeBugz® designs efficient anti-insect products for men, women and children.

The purpose of the brand is to travel, walk, camp, bike, golf, … by making disturbing insects remote. Even those who can bear tropical diseases.
ByeBugz wants to be accessible to everyone, so we divide the range into two categories, “Protected By Nature” and Protected By Technology. ” Depending on your age, type of trip, location, … everyone finds the appropriate product. The brand is distributed worldwide through a network of pharmacies and distributors.

Bye Bye Bugzzz..!

Protected by Nature

ByeBugz Protected by Nature is based on natural lemoneucalyptus extracts (commercial name: Citriodiol).

This is the best alternative for DEET and the only natural ingredient currently available as an insect repellent with proven effectiveness in scientific laboratory and field studies. It protects the skin against mosquitoes, ticks and midges.

ByeBugz Protected by Nature can be used by people with sensitive skin and by children aged three months and older.

Protected by Technology

ByeBugz Protected by Technology uses DEET 50% as active ingredient. DEET is the strongest insect-repellent product for the skin. Suitable for tropical destinations (malaria, dengue and yellow fever risks) as well as European regions. The active substance DEET is effective against biting and stinging insects, ticks, (malaria) mosquitoes and horseflies, gnats and midges. DEET products must be applied to the uncovered skin.

Young children put items in their mouths while exploring their environment without being aware of the potential hazards. Since 2012, we therefore add the odorless and bitter Bitrex ® to our ByeBugz DEET Spray. Bitrex ® reduces the chance that the insect repellent is swallowed.