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ByeBugz Anti-Insect – Aerosol 100ml

ByeBugz Anti-Insect – Aerosol 100ml

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A unique formula in a very convenient package. The ByeBugz Anti-Insect Aerosol keeps annoying and dangerous insects away. You are protected for up to 7 hours against mosquitoes, ticks, stinging flies, wasps and other pathogenic insects.

Our formulas are developped based on Citriodiol®, an ingredient of plant origin. Therefore this aerosol can be used by the whole family, even pregnant women and children as young as 1 year old. You will be protected against (tropical) mosquitoes, ticks, horseflies, wasps and midges.

Use biocides safely. Before use, read the label and product information.


Apply the product to the skin using the aerosol. Do this outside or in a well-ventilated room. Avoid the eyes, lips, damaged skin and skin folds (hollow of the knee, hollow of the elbow).


-Active ingredient 100% plant based
-Suitable for sensitive skin
-For the whole family from 1 year of age
-Suitable for pregnant women
-Up to 7 hours protection


Biocide PT19: Contains lemon eucalyptus oil (hydrated, cyclised) (CAS 1245629-80-4; 10,0 g/100g)

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